Frequently asked questions

What can damage my glass-ceramic cooktop?
  • Steel wool and other abrasives will cause permanent scratches on the surface.
  • Silicon « protectors » or other cleaners containing silicon should not be used.
  • Dish towels and sponges used for other applications can accumulate fragments and cause scratches.
  • Skate a cauldron or a pan on the ceramic cooktop surface as well as using the surface as a cutting board may cause permanent damages.
  • Windows cleaners can leave a film on the cooktop and cause smoke when warming the elements up.
Some stains appear on my glass-ceramic cooktop. What can I do?

The use of a moistened cloth or a wet paper towel along with Cerama Bryte® ceramic cooktop cleaner generally cause those stains. They can appear following the use of a pan with copper or aluminum bottom at high temperature.

On the cool surface, pour a drop, the size of a nickel, of Cerama Bryte® ceramic cooktop cleaner on each heat element. Spread by circular movements using a paper towel or a Cerama Bryte® cleaning pad . If stains have been caused by a pan with a copper or aluminum bottom, some stains may be permanent. It is preferable not to use abrasive products on those stains since they could damage the cooktop. Those stains will disappear in time if you keep on using the affected heat element, and provide appropriate cleaning care on a regular basis.

Suggestion: If you use copper bottom pans, you should clean the bottom before each use.

A plastic spoon has melt on my glass-ceramic cooktop. What should I do?

On the cool surface, carefully use (with a protective mitten) Cerama Bryte® scraper for ceramic cooktops in order to remove all burned residues.

Then, apply Cerama Bryte® glass-ceramic cooktop cleaner as daily care.

Use the same process for sugar mess and all other stubborn residues (that could be removed with nails).

Can I use any cleaner on my stainless steel appliances?

Only use a stainless steel cleaner. Make sure the stainless steel cleaner you choose is suitable for the stainless steel type you want to clean. An inadequate cleaner could damage stainless steel permanently. The Cerama Bryte® stainless steel cleaning polish and conditioner will do a great job on your appliances. The mineral oil it contains will help protect from future spots and leave a protective shine.

Stainless steel has the reputation of surviving heavy treatments for years. This is why thie metal is so popular in catering industry. However, stainless steel may show some defects, fadings or light spots usually caused by something as banal as fingerprints left on the stainless steel surface all night long. Daily care is recommended.